A Journey on Finding My Tribe

Trip - Yueh Liu Geopark

I just read a heartwarming post from @AndreaIskandar about @IDCOurserians

IDCourserians: A Tribute and a Vision


During the past 2.5 years I have greatly enjoyed the company of IDCourserians – a community of life-long learners at which core is a group of people who have the audacity to dream, the grit to push hard enough to leave a dent in their corner of the world, and their own versions of a sacred fire of rage that burn in their heart to keep them going even when the world around them seem to be dictated by mediocrity, conformity and narrow-mindedness.


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and this recalls great memories I’ve had with them. I remember reading a review on Gus Gordon’s Herman and Rosie by Maria Popova on her blog:

“…in the big city, as in life itself, happiness comes from finding your tribe and savoring that shared sense of purpose.”

This is exactly how I feel about ID Courserians, I found my tribe. I found my connection with them through–as weird as it may sounds–questions, yes you heard that right. As a person with an unusual desire to question many many things, I found them as an outlet to feed my hunger for answers, the kind of answers that led to series of fresh ideas–and of course, another questions to answer. They serve me a philosophical shelter for my curiosity, they can accept the fact that I am not that know-it-all persona–in which most people choose to believe. They understand that the idea of learning has no limit, I heard the phrase “life-long learning” throughout my undergrad but I wasn’t able to contextualize the idea back in the day. In this community I met an engineer with an undeniable affection towards philosophy, an engineer that choose ed-innovation practitioner as his daytime persona, a teacher that transforms education through technology, and so many more that finally get me to understand the meaning of a life-long learning. They don’t confine the idea of learning as in expanding expertise on a specialized area, they open up a whole new perspective on learning as in constantly infusing new ideas and knowledge just like what I have believed this whole time.

This has been a fruitful year with them, and I will continue to positively contribute to this bunch of les philosophes.


A Well-planned Break Up

“What are you doing?”

Nothing, just collecting sad quotes on social media.

“For your break up? Geez, it is still 2 weeks away, chill!”

Relax, I just like to be ahead of my plans. I will be really busy with work by next week.

It Does Not Make You a Bad Person

“Why would you take that long to actually let him go?”

It took a sip of cappuccino, a sigh, and an uneasy breathe.

“Because, it was beyond him that I care about. Because I fell for his surroundings. I was in love with his unsual affection to old donald duck comics, his energetic sister and his confusion oh how to show his love for her sister without hurting her, his overly protective mother, those stack of sneakers, his brother’s art gallery, his family reactions to my cooking, oh and his lovely coworkers. It was more than just him that I had to conclude when I bid my goodbye. It would’ve been much easier if it’s just a person. I fell in love with someone’s life. It wasn’t about growing a brand new heart, it was about me cutting the chord with those other people. It took me quite a while to understand that I can’t blame myself and it’s part of the process. I had to make sure that the next person will not have to compete with my past whatsoever. I needed to write that closure I didn’t get from him, I wanted to end the story without a word of hatred to everyone in the story, that took me countless lonely rides and deafening silences. It is indeed a confusing passage and I understand if you don’t want to get involved.”

My iced americano was right.

“I have always believed that ones decency are shown on their way to process a broken heart, and I’d like you to try breaking mine.”

2015 and Education

Bapak besok mau kasih pidato buat upacara Hardiknas 2015 besok pagi

-Dad 01 May 2015 21.45

We talked a little about education last night over the phone. Well, I was born to elementary educator couple. They have been serving for nearly 30 years educating Indonesians. I came from a place where main problems that have to be tackled is not how the government dictates wether a kid deserves to graduate from their study, but how to get them to continue their study, to make them understand the idea that education does change the world to be a better place. From my parents, I learned that zest and grit to pursue education will beat any odds that there are.

We are indeed living in the better part of the decade where our government have been doing great things to streamline education and make it possible for underprivileged family to pursue even grad study abroad. We are living in the disruption era where Internet is changing how schools is reaching out students, MOOCS are available for us to access the source of complex science and what-nots. The problems surrounding it from the facility to the perfect curriculum will not be solved in just weeks, but it is not an impossible thing to overcome.

I want to express my gratitude towards educators, policymakers, education enthusiasts, students, and life-long learners out there 🙂 Human have utilised knowledge to survive hunger in the past and saving the planet from a global crisis these days. Education has made mortals to be the most advanced forms of life walking the earth.

I should really beat my lazybones harder to continue my study 🙂 if they persevered, why couldn’t I?

you guys rock!

I do, still, care about your opinion

“Happy Birthday! I know that It is 6 months late and everything. I just want to say this because I held myself back, because it was so cheesy, because I had an ego twice bigger than the weird white robot baloon on your instagram post. I am not drunk texting you, this is me sober. Can we meet this weekend? I miss you. I don’t know how to make this not weird. Can I make a facetime call?”


I thought that forgetting your number is as easy as deleting a contact, I couldn’t have been more wrong. And, even after everything, you are still an insensitive dunderhead.


“As you said two years ago : ‘none of this matters to me. we might still talk in the coming weeks, but by the new year you are dead to me.’ Let’s not make this harder for me than it should. You can go to IKEA for comfy couch to fall on, that guy who once dearly loved you died in a NYE party of 2014. That white-robot-baloon has a name, it’s BAYMAX, google it. Have a good day. This is weird, please just stop.”


Why would I even respond? Why can’t I ever let your selfishness pass through? I need to stop paying attention to you.

Vitam Regit Fortuna, non Sapientia

Despite the monday-ness that had been knocking my daytime, I had an early twilight go home ticket for today.

I talked to my very first two exchangers—hello @nelsontrafalgar and @firasti—that I assisted back in the day. No, we were not talking about turkey or europe in particular, but more of the idea of this phrase

Vitam regit fortuna, non sapientia


It’s not that we don’t believe in hardwork. A lady once told me something when I visited Philadelphia

Men may plan and put their effort accordingly to fulfill their will, but at the end of the day they are all have their limitations as mortals. post hoc ergo propter hoc.

And, we all agreed that life is just way too complex to be governed by living creature with only 3lbs of brain, even mathematical models have their margin of errors.

Thank you for hearing me—and above all, for hearing ourselves—today.

Maj rahm, yIQongchu’!


Kita seruang, namun tak sewaktu
Kita sepikir, namun tak sekata
Kita sejalan, namun tak searah
Kita seasa, namun tak serasa
Kita secanda, namun tak setawa

Cukupkan diriku di sini
Pergilah kembali
Aku bukanlah muaramu
Kita sama-sama tau
Kirimkan salamku untuk pelabuhanmu